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Canine security

Dog security can be a force multiplier and be more cost affective. 

The presence of a dog handler/s on your site can act as a deterrant , prevent and tackle more than one intruder with in reason.

The security dog team can be used for asset protection, routine patrols, mobile patrols & key-holding, rural sites and general family protection in the Residential Security Tasking.

Security Services

Dog security

We operate security dog handlers on to your site from mobile to short to long term handlers.

In addition we train our own handlers or carefully select handlers to do the operational side.

NASDU approved trainers to deliver NASDU courses for the security dog pathway.


Search dogs available fo passive drugs and pyrotechnics at events.

Security tracking dog teams for larger sites needing an extra care of attention for larger complex sites.

Search & Rescue capability for search for missing people in open areas in the lowlands and mountains. 

mobile patrols & keyholding

Mobile security patrols is useful for complex or sites in remote places to keep a presence and cost effective.

We hold your keys for your property to enable us to respond to alarm calls.

We can use your camera systems or install some mobile cameras in remote locations to manage your site. 

Dog Training Services

Pet dog training

Pet dog training services cover 1 to 1 dog training from minor issues, problem behaviour & scent and tracking work. Group classes in obedience, agility, scent classes and much 

Security dogs

Security Dog Pathway Training courses via NASDU approved courses.

Operational dog and security tracking dogs to deploy on sites for deterrance.

Dog procurment & breeding

We have extensive experience in training protection dogs and search dogs. This knowledge and academic study/research we use to select to produce sound working dogs psychologically and physically.

our expertise


Every service we offer we do professionally as the way you're trained and operate is reflected the training methods you received.

Subject matter experts

Experienced dog trainers and Animal Behaviourists to help train pet, security, personal protection dogs and search dogs.

Reliable & trained staff

Staff are approachable, friendly, supportive and be able to deal with canine training and behaviours tasks.

Pet Dog Training

1 to 1 dog training, group classes in obedience & recall, scent work, search and rescue, tracking and trailing. Behaviour consultations.

Specialist Dogs

Security & Security Tracking Dog teams, passive drug and pyro dog teams for events. Search & rescue dog for live victims in open areas for lowland and mountains.
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